Friday, April 25, 2008

Our Very Busy Weekend

This weekend is going to be very busy. Tonight I have a MNO with my friends Laura, Lindsay, and Shanz. We are going to go eat at Glorias in Rockwall. Laura's hubby is going to drive us there and pick us up. I am sucking on a Smirnoff Ice Green Apple Bite wine cooler at this very moment so I don't have to pay for a drink when I get there. LOL! Wee! I'm feelin' pretty good right about now. Hayley has three soccer games for her tournament on Saturday and Nicholas has a game also. I guess we will manage somehow. Sheesh! That's a lot of soccer in one day! Saturday night we are going to Laura's to celebrate her husband Lee's birthday. They are doing a cookout and I can't wait to visit will all my friends. Sunday we go to church at 8:00 and the girls go to CCD (church class). We have a birthday at 1:30 for a friend of ours' son Evan. He is on Nicholas' soccer team and his dad has been friends with my hubby forever. Maybe not forever but, a really long time and they play poker together. We got Evan a little skateboard with hotwheels on it. I hope he likes it! It was only $7.99 so I grabbed it. I really didn't know what to get. hehe! While I was at Target on Thursday I ran into my friend Courtney and she reminded me of the party because I was just there to shop and totally forgot about the party. haha! Hayley has another game at 3:45 so we might have to leave the party early or Howard can just go and leave me at the party with the rest of the kids. Not sure how that's gonna work yet. Sunday night I am going to take a long hot bath and get ready to watch Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters. I love Sunday nights! It's a great night for t.v. Who am I kidding? Every night is a great night for t.v. with me! Wow! I feel long winded. That's what a wine cooler will do to ya. Later ya'll!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Hayley, Madison & Jake's Birthday Party

We had Hayley's 9th, Madison's 7th and Jake's 4th birthday party Saturday night and we grilled hamburgers and hotdogs and all the fixins. They all wanted their own cake of course and I felt like being really lazy so, I didn't make them from scratch like I usually do. Just the store bought icing. Everyone had fun visiting and the kids had fun playing in the backyard. Dh bought the kids a rebounder so when they kicked the soccer ball it would come right back to them. First we ate dinner and then opened presents and finally the cakes. I keep saying I'm not going to have their party together anymore because it's like Christmas and by the time the first and second ones open their presents the thrill is gone and poor Hayley was sitting there so patiently. We let the youngest open first. Next year I'm going to have everyone's on a different day so everyone be prepared to come 3 times to our house. hehe! I took lots of pictures and a few didn't turn out. I need a new camera, bad. I'll put that on my Christmas list. hehe! P.S. That's my brother Craig with the goody bags.

Sunday we went to the park with my friend Karen and her kids and just hung out. When we were at the park everyone had to go to the bathroom so I said "well...let's just go back to the house. We had a great time as usual. Her son Brandon and my Madison are promised to each other. An arranged marriage if you will. They will have a Valentine's Day wedding. Madison Jackson. It has a nice ring to it don't cha think? haha!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Baby Mama

April 25th can not get here soon enough. I have to see this movie! I smell a MNO in the air! If not the 25th, anytime. I'm totally open. hehe! I'm thinking about going to Firewheel 18 in Garland. Don't forget the popcorn!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Super Di Duper!

We had a super di duper fun weekend. Hayley spent the night with a friend on Friday and we went out to eat with Grandma & Grandpa & Uncle Stephen. We went to Red Robin and Madison ordered for herself. The boys were pretty good but, Nicholas was being a little stinker while we were waiting on the check. He was going under the table and you don't want to beat um in front of everyone. haha! The boys got a balloon on the way out and Nicholas lets his go halfway to the car and has a meltdown. We said he could ride with Grandma and Grandpa so that made it stop. Whew! We went back to Grandma and Grandpa's to visit for a while and then we came home. Saturday was my friend Karen's son Brandon's birthday party and we had lots of fun bouncing in the bounce house, sitting around talking, opening presents and don't for get the cake! Sunday Hayley had a soccer game. It was so windy! At half time, me and Madison went to go sit in the car leaving daddy with the boys. They boys had fun because someone was flying a kite and a friend of theirs was there to play with. We went to her friend (Megan's) birthday party after the game at Peter Piper Pizza and we ended up with 300 points and Hayley got 100 points for coming to the party so, they all got 100 points to spend. The boys got a car and the girls got a big pixie stick. I think you get more for your tickets at Peter Piper Pizza but the pizza's not all that great. I think the pizza is better at Chuck E. Cheese. haha! Oh well...It was fun.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Lots Of Fun Stuff

Last night was Madison's school program and I only got one not so good picture out of the bunch. Oh well. She is the third one from the left in a giraffe hat. hehe! They sang songs about animals from letters A thru Z and boy was I glad when they reached that letter Z. haha! Madison got to be the ring leader on one of the songs. It was really cute but long. After the program I went o Keno. I was only an hour late and it wasn't halftime yet so, I didn't miss much. I won a really pretty wrought iron thing for the wall but someone stole it away. Oh well...there's always next month. We are all going to my best friends' little boys birthday tomorrow and after that some of us are going to my friend Chantel's house for dinner and playdate. I think it will be fun and I know the kids will have fun.

Monday, April 7, 2008

My Nightmare Of A Day

Okay...I'm gonna tell you a little story. It's not really funny. I just have to laugh or I'll cry.

The DFW Area Mom's are going to be on Good Morning Texas!

I was late getting to Beth's house because of construction, lights, etc...

Got to Peter Piper Pizza. Had a great time. I kept asking Jake are you going to say Good Morning Texas!? He said "No!" It's time to do it and he's looking away from the camera. The boy says what he means.

On the way home I knew I was going to be late picking Nicholas up and didn't pay attention to the speed and got a 53 in a 40 and an expired drivers licence that I didn't know was expired. I'll have to go tomorrow and renew that. So I got my tickets and called MDO to see if Nicholas could stay in the extended care. They said yes.

I get to MDO and pick up Nicholas and I was at a 4 way stop and I thought it was my turn to go and so did the cars to my right and I sped up to get out of the way and "Wham!" I get two more tickets. One for a 35 in a 20 "school zone" and one for the expired licence again.

This just isn't my day folks! But, I sure did have fun at Peter Piper Pizza.

Thanks for letting me vent. I feel better now.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

A Whole Bunch Of Nothin'

This week has been kind of blah. I went and got the car inspected. It expired February. Jake came home with fever on Tuesday. My dh had to go and pick him up because my phone was dead. Nothing new there. I felt so bad. Today is Thursday and he still has a fever and cough but, I'm putting off going to the doctor until Friday so I can take Nicholas. He has to have a couple of shots so the school will accept him into Kindergarten in August. My babies are growing up! Only one more to go. Jake will be in Kindergarten the following year and my nest will be empty until 3:10. Whatever shall I do? hehe! I'll think of something!

I was suppose to take juice and soft drinks to MOPS this morning but, my friend Courtney offered to take them for me and she doesn't know it yet but, I'm going to have to ask her to take my arts, crafts, and snacks for the PTA in the morning. I hate sickness!