Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Blow Daddy Blow!

I made my "Honey" a homemade German Chocolate Cake with homemade Coconut & Pecan Frosting from his mom's recipe. The cake turned out SOOOO moist! The frosting is the best though. mmm! I had to use every candle I could find so there are pink and purple ones, etc... and some trick ones that re-light after you blow. LOL! Daddy enjoyed his birthday. The kids made him some homemade cards that were cute and I bought him some long Dockers shorts. It was a nice day.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sea Of Sickness

HELP! I'm surrounded by sickness and I need to escape!

Nicholas has some kind of virus. He's been throwing up since yesterday and again today. He can't keep anything down.

At first I thought it might be low blood sugar because he said his legs felt wiggly but, NOPE!

I'm keeping Jake at home today too because I would have to drag Nicholas up the stairs when I went to pick him up and then I would be exposing everyone. I hate for him to miss though.

I'm going crazy not being able to go anywhere and I'm a huge germaphobe. I wash my hands a million times and spray Lysol on everything he touches. EW!

I love him and I'm sorry he doesn't feel well but, EW!