Sunday, August 31, 2008

First Day Of School *2008*

Hayley (4th Grade), Madison (2nd Grade) & Nicholas (Kindergarten).

They had a great first day of school and love their teachers!

We only took one picture before they left for school. Dh forgot to take the camera.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Our "Camping" Trip

We went camping last weekend at Cooper Lake in Sulpher Springs Tx with dh's family. It was so much fun! This was our very first vacation as a family unit. We went swimming, hiking, on a nature trail, and cooked out over an open fire and made smores! YUM! There was a raccoon that came really close to us but he ran off before I could get a picture. He wanted some of those smores too! LOL! Our cabin had the air cranked down ot a nice antartic freeze. Just the way I like it. hehe! The kids thought grandma was their good luck charm because every time she came by them to help them they caught a fish! We have already decided we want to do this again next year only somewhere different to check out different locations.