Saturday, March 6, 2010

Gorgeous Day

It was such a gorgeous day today! The weather was awesome! Our day started off with Howard taking Hayley to her soccer game and me taking Nicholas to his opening ceremony for baseball. The girl that sang the Star Spangled Banner had the most beautiful voice. I still can't get over it. They said she was in High School. Wow. Howard met us there after Hayley's game was over. They had a guy dressed up like a dog out there catching balls and the Chick-fi-la cow waving to everyone. All the teams paraded around the bases and that was it. Howard stayed with the boys for pictures and they had Chick-fi-la for lunch. Me & the girls went to Texas Skatium to see Hayley's friend who is moving to Pennsylvania at the end of March and she wanted to have one last get together. We stay for a couple of hours and came home. As soon as I dropped the girls off I headed to the grocery store and spent a small fortune and came home. Now the hubby is grilling us up some hamburgers for dinner. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day.