Monday, August 23, 2010

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mobile Dairy Classroom (Rowlett Public Library)

I told the kids that we were going to go to the library to learn about cows; how to milk one, etc... and get an ice cream sandwich and they were excited & me too! We went and it was outside of course and hot as all get out. Us girls got in the shade and the boys wanted to be up close & personal with the cow in the blazing HOT sun. Jake came to me and said he didn't feel well and all of a sudden his eyes rolled back and he went all limp in the knees. Very scary. He didn't go all the way out into a complete faint but, that was enough to scare me so, I took him into the cool library and sat with him until he came around. Pretty scary. He was okay once he cooled off. Before all that we were having fun and learning all kinds of informative stuff. When it was over they handed the ice cream sandwiches.

Robbers Cave State Park (Oklahoma)